The 2017 Euclid Consortium meeting has now finished

We hope you all had a great time.

If you want to download any of the slides from this conference, the available ones are accessible via the ESA internal website.

See you all next year in Bonn!

Code of Conduct

The Euclid Consortium annual meeting in London has adopted a code of conduct based on the "London Code of Conduct", originally designed for the "Accurate Astrophysics. Correct Cosmology" conference, held in London in 2015. Full details are available on the Conduct page. We ask all attendees to respect these guidelines.

Garage Day

The Garage Day will be held at the Royal Astronomical Society, located on Piccadilly, on Friday 9 June. Details of this meeting can be found on the dedicated Cosmos page and the meeting chair is Marc Sauvage.

Evening Events

Details of the evening events occurring during the consortium meeting have now been added on the Evening Events page.

Programme updates

Version 5 of the Conference Programme, the final printed version, is now available on the Programme page.

The new items are indicated in the pdf and the Full Overview image with blue text rather than green.

Important Dates:

5 June - Registration starts at 08:30 BST

5 June - Meeting starts at 10:00 BST

8 June - Meeting ends at 16:00 BST

Science Organising Committee (red lanyards):

Yannick Mellier (chair), Ralf Bender, Raymond Carlberg, Francisco Javier Castander, Andrea Cimatti, Mark Cropper, Sven Derijcke, Olivier Le Fèvre, Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Per B. Lilje, Rafael Rebolo Lopez, Bob Nichol, Kristian Pedersen, Lucia Popa, Jason Rhodes, Hans-Walter Rix, Huub Röttgering, Roberto Scaramella, António da Silva, Romain Teyssier, Werner Zeilinger

Local Organising Committee (red lanyards):

Mark Cropper (chair), Libby Daghorn, Tom Kitching, Ofer Lahav, Bob Nichol, Keith Noddle, Richard Massey, Andy Taylor

Very Important Conference Facilitators (red lanyards):

Rob Blake, Philippa Elwell, Lucy Elwell, Erika Cropper, Andy Fenney, Damron Macleod, Martin de la Nougerede, Susan Pyne, Antonella Palmese, Niall Jeffrey, Arthur Da Mota Loureiro, Jennifer Chan, Luke Pratley, Mónica Tress Barojas, Ioana Ciuca, Tom Kimpson, Peter Taylor