The 2017 Euclid Consortium meeting will begin in:

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Splinter sessions

Version 2 of the programme with the splinter sessions is now available on the Programme page.

Submissions for Euclid Plenary Abstracts, for Early Career Stage Researchers

With the aim of increasing the visibility of their work, we are inviting Early Career Stage Researchers (PhD or early-to-mid postdoctoral level) to make 20 min presentations (including questions) during the Plenary sessions. We would be delighted to receive an abstract from you if you fit in this category. Please provide a brief abstract through the submission form.

Important Dates:

13 March – Registration Opens

10 April – Splinter Meeting request deadline

2 May – Registration Fee increases / Splinter Meeting finalised

5 June – Meeting starts at 10:00 BST

8 June – Meeting ends at 16:00 BST

Science Organising Committee:

Yannick Mellier (chair), Ralf Bender, Raymond Carlberg, Francisco Javier Castander, Andrea Cimatti, Mark Cropper, Sven Derijcke, Olivier Le Fèvre, Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Per B. Lilje, Rafael Rebolo Lopez, Bob Nichol, Kristian Pedersen, Lucia Popa, Jason Rhodes, Hans-Walter Rix, Huub Röttgering, Roberto Scaramella, António da Silva, Romain Teyssier, Werner Zeilinger

Local Organising Committee:

Mark Cropper (chair), Libby Daghorn, Tom Kitching, Ofer Lahav, Bob Nichol, Keith Noddle, Richard Massey, Andy Taylor